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First thing to do in Puerto Vallarta
The Malecón of Puerto Vallarta the largest outdoor art gallery

Starting a tour of the boardwalk is like entering an open-air museum, where you can find a large number of works of art.

The boardwalk is also recognized for its artistic works, among which the sculpture of the child on the seahorse and the arches of the boardwalk stand out.

Rotonda del Mar
Estatua del Caballito

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk is a walkway located in front of the sea, which can be traveled on foot, which is decorated with around 15 sculptures by local, national and international artists, ideal for taking a photo for Instagram.

Attractions on the boardwalk

Witness musical presentations, folk dances and artistic manifestations, the boardwalk is an open-air gallery, do not forget to enjoy its sunsets.

What to do on the boardwalk?

During your tour along the boardwalk there are points of sale such as art galleries, jewelry stores, restaurants and bars with excellent locations to enjoy a moment with the family in which you find that souvenir you are looking for.

Vallarta at Night

If you want to be in the area with the best atmosphere, you have an appointment on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk after 10 P.M. spend an unforgettable evening with friends or as a couple in the best clubs, bars that are found along this famous site.


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